Introduction of Opick

Opick is an NFT marketplace based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) developed by the Ctomorrow Platform. It can be used in conjunction with the CTomorrow developed “CTPAY wallet”. As of now, CTP and BNB can be used as payment methods. To create more diverse and fun options, we implemented the platform through the side chain on a parallel move with the Binance Smart Chain.
To revitalize our platform, we first promote the NFT registration of art works of famous and emerging artists all over the world. Unlike the existing institutional auction market, our platform is based on blockchain and through a decentralized smart contract, transactions between each work are made without an intermediary.
Currently, on many NFT platforms, NFT sales mainly related to works of art are the mainstream. Opick is going to launch NFTs for ownership of various items not only for art. Through blockchain technology, explore the new world of NFT’s in Opick!

What is NFT

Non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique, non-interchangeable token that is units of data stored on a blockchain. NFTs are used to represent photos, videos, audios, and other types of digital files. It serves as a virtual proof of authenticity and is therefore non-fungible and no copies are accepted. Anyone can obtain copies of these digital items, but the NFT is tracked on the blockchain, requiring the owners to prove copyright and ownership.
NFT’s are also tools that allow creators to trade without intermediaries. It serves to help creators infuse pieces of code into their work so that they can be distributed without fear of piracy. This not only gives creators greater control over their intellectual property rights without relying on an institution, but also allows for greater transparency and tracking of transactions.

Description of Opick's function

Creating NFT

This function allows anybody with a CTPAY Wallet to create an NFT on the Opick Platform. Users are free to upload image files to generate ownership of the image into the NFT. Using this feature users are able to create their own NFT in their account.

NFT Sales

NFT that was created through the "Create NFT" can be sold. Before choosing the type of selling method, you can set how many to be divided and sold, and in the case of a single item which has no multiple values, you can sell only one unique NFT, and in many cases, you can split an image into multiple NFTs.

There are two types of sales: Buy and Auction. When choosing Buy, the NFT owner sells the NFT at a specified price, and users who want to purchase it can only buy at the price specified by the owner. When purchasing through an auction, the seller sets the starting price, maximum price and a start/end date. The buyer who bids the highest, is rewarded the NFT once the auction ends.

For detailed guides on the platform's features, please refer to our Gitbook.

Opick Gitbook : (To be updated)